Sometimes i...  Danceable pop songs with a touch of funk.     

                               And a couple jingles.

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1... Sometimes Love

2... Run With You

3... Change The Weather (demo #1)

4... Baby’s Back

5... Struttin’ Our Stuff (1989 jingle)

6... Take A Walk On The Wild Side (instrumental groove)

7... Take A Walk On The Wild Side (1990 jingle)

8... Change The Weather (demo #2)

Sometimes Love (4:12)   Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

The first song John and Craig wrote and recorded in 1989. We didn’t have a drummer yet, so we programmed a Roland TR-505 for the drums. Jan Anderson played the guitars (run thru his Tom Scholz Rockman unit) before leaving the band for the great white north of Minneapolis Minnesota. Russ Wallace is playing that funky-ass bass.

Run With You (5:04)  Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

The 2nd song we wrote together. Jan plays a gorgeously melodic lead guitar at the end of this one, one of my all time favorites.  Russ is playing his fretless Padulla Buzz Bass on this one. That is an awesome sounding guitar. I think I cried when he sold it.

Still no drummer... That’s Roland on the drums.

Oh yeah, I stole the 1st line of the 1st verse from a Brad Anderson song that the Rhyme never recorded.

Change The Weather (demo #1) (6:00)  Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

An unfinished demo. As soon as we got Rob Bradley on guitar and Bob Zopp on drums, we started learning cover songs to play out. Unfortunately that invaded our writing and recording time. Too bad, because this was a very talented band, and we should have recorded more. I think that’s John doing the cheesy keyboard slap bass.

I think Rob is playing the guitar on this one. (It’s back in the mix)

Baby’s Back (5:30)  Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

The only song we wrote and recorded as a band. At the time, my favorite local band was “Right Mind”. They were an awesome band that should have hit the big time. Great songs, and they kicked ass live. We wrote this song as a “tribute” to Right Mind, even emulating their style. Even the lyrics are Right Mind song titles spliced together into a semi coherent story. Bob Zopp programmed the drums. Rob Bradley delivers the big guitar sound and kick-ass lead. Russ and Bob add some nice harmonies.

Struttin’ Our Stuff (1:33)  Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

While not really a “Sometimes i...” song, I thought I’d include it for grins & giggles.

I love Rob’s funky guitar in this one.

I really hate almost every jingle ever written. But I had the opportunity to write a jingle for a local Rockford music festival called “On The Waterfront”.  I had the information and key words that needed to be included and recorded the vocals late into the night, that’s why I’m kinda whisper-singing. (People were sleeping upstairs) I expected to re-record the vocals, but they liked it just the way it was, cheesy samples and all. Then, to top it off, the song won an award, at a Northern Illinois Advertising Awards banquet, in the best radio broadcast category for 1989. Kinda Kool.

Take A Walk On The Wild Side (instrumental groove) (1:33)

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Once again, we got the chance to do the “On The Waterfront” theme song.

But for 1990 we got the whole band involved.

We recorded this funky groove at Audio Trak recording studio in Rockford.

Joe Guarino is the engineer and master of recording.

Take A Walk On The Wild Side (1:16)  Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

This is the 1990 “On The Waterfront” theme song. My 2nd jingle. Not an award winner, but I love the “sometimes i...” groove.

Live footage of the band was even included in the TV commercial version.

This was a lot of fun to do, and provided a glimpse of the recording potential of this talented band.

Change The Weather (demo #2) (5:48)  Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

This version has a slightly different keyboard arrangement, with a bit more piano, no keyboard slap-bass, and a bigger drum sound, programmed by Bob Zopp. And I think Russ is playing the bass.

Again, a shame we never finished this.

The end vocals, with Russ and Bob singing backup harmonies were sweet. Go ahead and sing along... It went like this... “About the weather... I’d change the weather... (repeat to the end)

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Todd Greenwood - John Graves - Russ Wallace - Rob Bradley - Craig Smith.

             Jan Anderson