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Providence    Progressive Rock that merges melody and chaos into a diverse world of music without limits.

  1. 1. Aquatic Mirrors

  2. 2. Until... Until Is Here

  3. 3. Burg Of Rhyme

  4. 4. Stay Right Here

  5. 5. Down Range

  6. 6. Alien Interviews

  7. 7. A Cybernetic Nightmare*

  8. 8. Where’s The Snake?*

  9. 9. Shutter Speed

  10. 10. Epic Chaos* (Including... Violence is Golden, Superstitions of Superman, Voices, Violence Reprise)

  11. 11. Millenium Mirrors*

Produced and mixed by Craig P. Smith.

Sub-mixing by Thomas Nali on 4, 5, & 9.

Original cover design by Craig P. Smith.

(Original recordings 1981-1982)                                                                                   E.V. Records    081502

*Bonus tracks... with additional recording 1999-2002

PROVIDENCE was formed, or should I say evolved, in 1981 as Eternal Void (Jeff, Joe & Craig) were looking to expand their sound with the addition of a young keyboard prodigy, Mark Fasula, and Tom Nali’s interest in progressive music after the disintegration of his pop/rock band, The Rhyme... (Which Jeff, Joe & Craig would later revise)... We got the name from a King Crimson improv on the “Red” album... Early jam sessions showed promise, and band members started writing and bringing ideas and material to the group sessions. I knew right away our old recording methods would need to be upgraded, so I bought a new Tascam 22-4 four-track recorder... Recording began soon after... 

Twenty years later, Craig would dig out the tapes and complete the album.

Joe Fasula: Drums, Roto-Tymps, Words.

Jeff Fasula: Basses & Busses.

Craig Smith: Vocals, Mellotron, Synthesizer, Words, Farfisa Professional Piano, Rain. Guitar, E-Bow.

Mark Fasula: Yamaha Organ, Obscure Hammond, Mellotron, Synthesizer.

Tom Nali: Guitar, Bass, Chimes, Words, Hand grenade training drill.

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Aquatic Mirrors (3:20)   Download song >  AIFF   MP3

My love of the German synth group Tangerine Dream is quite apparent in this grand little opening number.

Craig... Univox Mini-Korg K-2 synthesizer, Mellotron.

Until... Until is Here (4:21)   Download song >  AIFF   MP3

Genesis was Mark’s inspiration, and Joe’s lyrics shine, as everything comes together in this wonderful song. Take 32? I don’t remember if we did any more “takes”.

Apparently, I didn’t have time to adjust the keyboard on the Mellotron. Mark - Organ. Craig - Mellotron, Synthesizer, Vocals. Jeff - Bass. Joe - Drums. Tom - Guitar.

Burg of Rhyme (6:03)   Download song >  AIFF   MP3

Jeff’s organic, ambient recording at the bus station in Winter provides the perfect atmosphere for the Burg. Mark - Organ, Mellotron, Synthesizer. Craig - Vocals, Farfisa Piano, Synthesizer, Mellotron. Jeff - Bass. Joe - Drums, Roto-Tymps, Words. Tom - Guitar.

Stay Right Here (7:03)   Download song >  AIFF   MP3

Tom’s elegant playing, tasty chops and nice arrangement are shown off here.

Tom - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Chimes, Words. Craig - Vocals, Mellotron, Words, Rain. Joe - Drums. Jeff - Bass. Mark - Wasn’t here.

Down Range (4:53)   Download song >  AIFF   MP3

I’m not sure how, why, or where Tom found a hand grenade training drill on an L.P. (I always thought he was a pacifist!) but it works brilliantly with the King Crimson-ish improv. Tom - Guitar. Jeff - Bass. Joe - Drums. Mark & Craig - A.W.O.L.

Alien Interviews (4:57)   Download song >  AIFF   MP3

Joe wrote the first 3 verses and Craig just followed the formula for the last 3. Jeff’s mxr phase shifted bass intro, is really cool.  Jeff - Bass. Joe - Drums, Words. Craig - Mellotron, Synthesizer, Vocals, Words. Mark - Obscure Hammond. Tom - Intense Guitars.

A Cybernetic Nightmare (2:31)   Download song >  AIFF   MP3

This is actually the first song I ever recorded, A Cybernetic Dream (from “In Earth Nights”) with a nightmare-ish guitar added to it more than 20 years later.

Craig - PAiA 2720 modular synthesizer, Mellotron, Guitar (2001)

Where’s the Snake? (2:38)   Download song >  AIFF   MP3

A snake slithers across the mixing board during one of our recording sessions, prompting someone to ask later...  Mark - Where’s Mark? Joe - Drums. Jeff - Bass. Tom - Guitar.

Craig - Added Ensoniq ESQ-1 synthesizer and the Guitar in the bridge, in 2002.

Shutter Speed (4:06)   Download song >  AIFF   MP3

I had to include the sarcastic chatter in the pre-count-off. It was typical banter during many recording sessions. Mark - Keyboards. Tom - Guitar. Joe - Drums. Jeff - Bass.

Craig - Observed.

Epic Chaos (9:14)   Download song >  AIFF   MP3

This truly was epic chaos... The original 1982 recording had two problems... A kick drum microphone that randomly turns itself off and on throughout the entire 9+ minutes of the song, and there was a keyboard/guitar stumble near the “echoing call”. The stumble was fixed with an added guitar part in the final mix. I hope the kick drum problem isn’t too annoying. To maintain the feel of the original recording, I used lyrics that Joe and I wrote during that timeframe. Mark - Keyboards. Joe - Drums, 1980 Words. Jeff - Bass. Tom - Guitar. Craig - Added Guitar, E-Bow & Vocals in 2002 using 1980 Words.

Millennium Mirrors (3:47)   Download song >  AIFF   MP3

Aquatic Mirrors had an empty track, so I dug out my AKAI Headrush echo unit, set it to Frippertronics mode, grabbed my Telecaster, and was lucky enough to capture this improv on the first take... Then I just dumped the original synthesizer tracks during the mix. Craig - Mellotron, 1999 Frippertronics.

Copyright  ©  Craig P. Smith - 2010 - All Rights Reserved.

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