Moon Sliver - Eternal Void 

Not your average teenage rock band. Eternal Void pushed the boundaries of Improvisational Avant-prog rock into a realm of dark ambient  melodies, with a touch of muscular mayhem.   (1977)

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  1. 1.  Pirates Puppet

  2. 2.  The Black Stream

  3. 3.  Devils Workshop

  4. 4.  Peasant Song

  5. 5.  Sliver

  6. 6.  A Face at the Window... A Mind at the Door

  7. 7.  Overburden Stone

  8. 8.  Dance of Lunacy

Jeff Fasula: Basses, electric piano, guitar.

Joe Fasula: Drums, xylophone, sounds, percussion.

Craig Smith: Mellotron, synthesizer, effects, accidental guitars.

With guest: Rob Bradley: autoharp, Radio Free Moscow, guitar squeak.

Mark Fasula: Admirable restraint.

Thanx to: Phil Friske, Dave Spataro, (ES) (RS), Big Red, George Frideric Handel, Gustav Mahler, Dave (It’s kinda neat) Bruton (clawn) who appears courtesy of Lamp-Light Records, Rob Bradley from whatever band he’s with this week.

Recorded and mixed at EV Studios

Produced by ETERNAL VOID

All titles composed and arranged by ETERNAL VOID

(Published by EV Music)

Cover: Craig

Tee shirts: Joe

EV RECORDS 1977.  EV031377

Copyright  ©  Craig P. Smith - 2010 - All Rights Reserved.

Pirates Puppet  (14:52)   Download song >   AIFF   MP3

With Jeff on bass, using his new envelope follower pedal, Joe on the Slingerland drums, and Craig on the Mellotron (Cello / Strings / Flute) run thru a Morley Phase Pedal. When the improv drifts into unsavory seas, we overdub a Mellotron cello solo aboard the creaky pirate ship. Complete with hungry Sea Gulls. Robert Fripp once said “Tuning a Mellotron doesn’t”. So I get to play with the pitch knob a lot.

Listen to the Songs...    Quicktime Media Player needed. Free download Here.

The Black Stream (4:38)  Download song >   AIFF   MP3

A nice, mellow number, with Jeff on the Farfisa Professional Piano, Joe on the xylophone, and Craig on the Mellotron strings.

Don’t get your feet wet.

Devils Workshop (3:53)   Download song >   AIFF   MP3

This was our first attempt to “jam” with ourselves using the Sony TC-377 Tapecorder “Sound on Sound” recording feature.  The tape heads were not in sync, causing the “echo feedback delay”. After listening to it, we thought it sounded like hell. As we stopped recording, old guitar and synthesizer experiments I had tried, (at a different tape speed) revealed their demonic heads. In the end, we thought it sounded kinda cool, and left it that way.

Peasant Song  (1:33)   Download song >   AIFF   MP3

As I recall, this Mellotron solo was going to be the intro to a two or three part song with Rob Bradley playing acoustic guitar. But, we never got the other parts finished.  Rob left, and joined another band.

Sliver  (9:40)   Download song >   AIFF   MP3

A dark , moody space jam with sound effects, PAiA synthesizer sounds, and a  Mellotron (Boys Choir / Strings) run thru a Morley Echo pedal. I think Joe even “plays” a comb in there. Rob Bradley does the Radio Free Moscow voice before we bust into a massively heavy Bass, Drums and PAiA Synth explosion. Jeff’s Fender Precision Bass run thru a Univox Super Fuzz was an awesome, devastating and deafening sound.

A Face at the Window... A Mind at the Door (2:38)  Download song >   AIFF   MP3

A somber, perhaps insane person gazes out the open window. The Mellotron cello leads the way on this percussively laced improv. That’s Joe on “vocals”, drums, cymbals, and stuff hit with drum sticks.

We liked to make noise with anything in the room that sounded cool.

Overburden Stone  (3:09)   Download song >   AIFF   MP3

As Jeff and Joe blast out a Fuzz Bass and Drum jam, Craig coaxes raspy waveforms from his PAiA 2720 modular synthesizer. After things settle down, Craig plays some phase shifted Mellotron.

Made on a Mac

Dance Of Lunacy  (2:57)   Download song >   AIFF   MP3

An experimental sound collage by Craig. Armed with my Mellotron (Gongs on echo, pitch bend String birds and Choir) a Radio Shack Sound Effects record (vinyl LP), and our High School Art teacher’s folk record, (among other things), I layered sounds as I went from reel to reel to cassette.

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