The Rhyme - Miscellaneous 1985-1987 - demos, unreleased, and alternate versions of songs by The Rhyme.

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  1. 1.Why Do You Cry?

  2. 2. A Change Is Coming

  3. 3. I’ll Find A Way

  4. 4. Take The Time

  5. 5. Euphoria?

  6. 6.On Monday

  7. 7. The Night I Make Her Mine

  8. 8. I Need You

  9. 9. The Game

  10. 10. Taking My Time

  11. 11. Walk By Sight

  12. 12. Faces

  13. 13. Please Don’t Leave

  14. 14. I Don’t Wanna Break Any Hearts

  15. 15. All I Seem To Do

  16. 16. American Fun In The USA

  17. 17. My Imagination

Why Do You Cry?  (3:34)   Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

Tom Nali vocals.

This demo has so much energy and passion, I had to include it on this album, even though Tom mumbles the lyrics in the bridge before the lead guitar, and the tape quality is not very good. The song simply rocks.

A Change Is Coming  (4:40)   Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

This should be on The Reverb Years album, but it was in a batch of lower fidelity cassettes and I found the tape too late. The audio quality is probably good enough to have fit in.

I’ll Find A Way  (5:18)   Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

Another song that should have been on The Reverb Years album. Tom’s lead guitar in this one is awesome.

Take The Time  (3:45)   Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

Brad Anderson / Tom Nali vocals.

The words, melody, and guitar passage all came to me as we were recording this one. There are several spots in the song where my guitar playing breaks down, but the first track felt so good that Tom kept it unedited. Tom went back and added the flute, bass, backup vocals, and keys. This is one of the only recordings that we sang together on.

  At the time this was recorded I was very enamored by the melancholy sound of REM’s first record Murmur. The way I am sliding the notes is entirely a Michael Stipe style of singing. The amazing thing to me about this song is how the bridge leaps to such a different rhythm and mood but I was somehow able to transition back to the chorus.

I recall that Tom broke out into a huge smile when I sang the line And train rolled down the track/like an actor there I stood/took a feather from my hat/and I tossed it to the wind. - Brad Anderson.

Euphoria?  (5:32)    Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

This version has virtually no keyboards. Too bad the lead guitar is back in the mix.

On Monday  (3:28)    Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

When the musical direction of the band changed, we wondered if some of the older “poppier” songs could be arranged using the newer formula. If I had sung it differently,

it would have been a perfect match. As it is, we proved it was possible.

The Night I Make Her Mine  (3:11)   Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

Another early pop song gets the modern “treatment” and survives.

I Need You  (3:18)   Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

On this version, Tom wanted the vocals a little “rougher”. I love the drum intro.

The Game  (3:53)    Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

Tom & Craig vocals.

I’m not sure why the vocals are arranged this way, but I like it.

Taking My Time  (3:30)    Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

Tom Nali vocals.

Tom breaks out his Coral Electric Sitar.

Walk By Sight  (4:43)    Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

Tom Nali vocals.

I wrote this song with a Lou Reed feel to it. The song tells the story of a man who can remember a time in his childhood when he could believe anything. But after being bullied at school he lost hope and faith. Now he realizes that he has lost something along the way. And yet he is steadfast in living only by what he sees. This is the dilemma that many existentialists are faced with: they develop a philosophy that is based entirely on their own experience, but if they have suffered the misfortune of any bad experiences in their lives, their philosophy, despite it’s noble individuality, can deprive them of real happiness. We have such a better chance for happiness if we look beyond our own experience. - Brad Anderson.

Faces  (4:03)    Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

Brad Anderson vocals.

This is another song I wrote after reading a CS Lewis book entitled: Until We Get Our Faces. At this time I was very interested in the sound of The Psychedelic Furs. I am even singing it in a Richard Butler accent. - Brad Anderson.

Please Don’t Leave  (3:31)   Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

Tom had a few songs that were complete musically, but had no lyrics, He let me try to finish it. - Craig Smith.

I developed the guitar part from this song after listening to a song called Mary Ann by Marshall Crenshaw. - Brad Anderson.

I Don’t Wanna Break Any Hearts  (3:57)   Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

This was another song that Tom and I wrote during a jam session. Tom wrote the lyrics. - Brad Anderson.

All I Seem To Do (3:45)    Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

A fun song, I added the talking part in the bridge. - Craig Smith.

I wrote the music and Tom wrote the lyrics for this one. I think Tom may have added the bridge on this one too. - Brad Anderson.

American Fun In The USA  (5:09)   Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

I wrote this song during a phase when Springsteen and Melloncamp were getting a lot of radio play with the term USA in their songs. The opening line hey there DJ/you’re playing all the wrong songs was a slam at FM radio - songs that were mostly about drugs, politics, status, and sex. The song harkens back to the days of AM radio and the simple Beach Boys and Chuck Berry dance tunes. Look at the moon upon that hill/don’t you feel young like you can’t stand still/don’t you want to have some American fun. - Brad Anderson.

My Imagination (4:09)    Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

Nali vocals.

One of Tom’s, Some really cool lead guitar.

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