In Earth Nights - c.p.s. 

Electronic explorations of a spacey universe, filled with dark matter and simple ambient rhythm. 

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  1. 1. THE SPELL


  3. 3. PYRAMID SHADOWS - Pharaoh’s Wake -     

     Delirium Pursuit - Infinity Domain






  6. 9. SURREAL AREAS OF SPACE - In Space Nights Part One - Symphonic Drift - Energy Meets the Dawn - Eclipse of the Glass Moon - In Space Nights Part Two


"In Earth Nights" was recorded from 1975 to 1979. All of the music was recorded late at night, in the dark, with headphones on. (Big white egg shell Pioneers!)

The music was 100% improvised... The first track of music was recorded live to a Sony TC-377 reel to reel 1/4" tape deck. Then as that was recorded to a Marantz 5420 cassette deck, another part was mixed in during that recording. If the take was a "keeper", (more good parts than bad!) the process was repeated until the composition was complete. As more overdubs were done, tape hiss increased, and clarity diminished.

Equipment: Mellotron M400 (s/n 489) Univox Mini-Korg 2 (K-2) analog synthesizer, and a PAiA 2720 modular analog synth I had to build myself.

Morley Phase Shifter & Morley Stereo Echo pedal.











Once thought lost forever, until October of 1999, when I found the original 1/4” master tapes buried in a box of tapes. After wiping the mold off the tape, I transfered it direct to compact disc, complete with tape hiss, drop outs, timing errors and wrong notes.

In 2010, I re-designed the album cover.

Mystic Castle  (1:18)   Download song >   AIFF   MP3

I remember thinking the Mellotron Church Organ/wBass Pedal tapes didn’t see much action. So I wrote this. Nice and simple.

Science Fiction  (10:40)   Download song >   AIFF   MP3

After a sloppy intro, this settles into a nice laid back groove. I love Sci-Fi. A plethora of Morley Echo. Phase shifted Mellotron. (3 Violins-Flute-Woodwinds)

Pyramid Shadows  (16:02) (inc. Pharoah’s Wake - Delirium Pursuit - Infinity Domain)   Download song >   AIFF   MP3

I borrowed a Yamaha organ with some nice sounds.  Did Pharoah’s have wakes? Cool Mellotron strings in Infinity Domain.

A Cybernetic Dream  (2:23)   Download song >   AIFF   MP3

The first song I ever recorded. Featuring the PAiA 2720 modular synthesizer and the Mellotron Boys Choir.

Slow Motion  (2:53)   Download song >   AIFF   MP3

I borrowed Mark Fasula’s Farfisa Professional Piano on this one. Piano and Mini-Korg.

Light Year Transit  (5:47)  Download song >   AIFF   MP3

If you could travel faster than the speed of light, this is what it would sound like. Your luggage would almost certainly be lost. All Mini-Korg.

Surreal Areas Of Space  (11:13)  (inc. In Space Nights... Part One - Symphonic Drift - Energy Meets The Dawn - Eclipse Of The Glass Moon - In Space Nights... Part Two)  Download song >   AIFF   MP3

Listen to music in the dark. Look at the night sky. Mark Fasula plays a keyboard or two during the “eclipse”. Some spooky Mellotron Brass/French Horn/Woodwind use in Parts One & Two. Mellotron Church Organ and French Horn in “Energy...

The Last Sunset  (2:19)  Download song >   AIFF   MP3

I think I recorded this to use up the rest of the tape. Oh yeah, I also had to use the Mellotron Gongs at the end.

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Nightwind  (3:09)   Download song >   AIFF   MP3

The old Morley echo pedal along with the

Mellotron volume pedal create very nice string sounds. Jeff also 

played bass on this one.

The Spell  (7:05)   Download song >   AIFF   MP3

Inspired by H.R. Giger’s painting. This song  

features Rob Bradley on guitar, and Jeff Fasula on bass. Vocal sounds are made through the sound hole of an electric African Thumb Piano.

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