Hairbrain   Catchy rock songs with a sometimes sarcastic and off-kilter look at the strange life-forms that populate a pale blue dot orbiting a star in the Milky Way galaxy.

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  1. 1. Dashboard Jesus

  2. 2. Global Warming

  3. 3. Delightful Rumors

  4. 4. The Responsibility Song

  5. 5. Tears On My Shirt

  6. 6. One For Donna

  7. 7. Planet Stupid

  8. 8. I Can’t Let Go

  9. 9. Happy Weapon

  10. 10. Hip Skip Jump

  11. 11. Ralph’s Buick

Dan Hicks... amplified acoustic & electric guitars.

Craig Smith... vocals, harmonica, occasional guitars & percussion.

Jim Wisch... acoustic & the really big electric guitars.

Russ Wallace... 4 & 5 string bass guitars.

Todd Greenwood... midi electronic drum pads & real cymbals.

Special guest musicians:

Mark Loy... the 12 string taylor in “tears on my shirt”

Chris Brady... the big african drum in “planet stupid”

all songs written by Hicks & Smith, except Hip Skip Jump, which was written by Dan.

original tracks recorded 5/22/94 at singletrack studio, in the ledges.

additional  recording, production and mixing by Craig Smith at the concrete banana, rockton from 2001-2005.

cover art & liner notes by Craig Smith. Released on Slugbug Records ©2005.

Dashboard Jesus (3:38)

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I found a little Dashboard Jesus on a suction cup in an antique store in Hayward Wisconsin, It was so kitschy, I had to buy it. And of course, write a song about it. That’s it on the cover.

Global Warming (4:10)

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Just trying to look at the bright side of Climate Change, with a sense of humor.

Delightful Rumors (3:34)

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This might make a great Country & Western song.

The Responsibility Song (4:25)

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Don’t blame me, it’s not my fault.

Tears On My Shirt (3:45)

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There was a “Far Side” comic by Gary Larson that had the line, Same planet, different worlds. That was the inspiration for this little tear jerker.

One For Donna (3:19)

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Based on a true story.

Somewhere, I have an autographed 8 x 10 glossy of  Donna Edmondson, the 1987 Playboy Playmate of the Year.

Planet Stupid (3:30)

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Let’s see... Lawn darts are illegal, but you can easily buy a gun.

Makes perfect sense. (I am pro-lawn dart.)

I Can’t Let Go (4:26)

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My rhyme-o-meter got stuck on overload on this one. It does have some very cool instrumentation in it though.

Happy Weapon (3:45)

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When trying to come up with band names, I think Happy Weapon was one that got shot down. I liked it well enough to use it as a song title.

Jim’s lead guitar really rocks.

Hip Skip Jump (2:43)

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Dan wrote this one.

Ralph’s Buick (4:25)

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Get out your  urban Thesaurus and look up vomiting.

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