Butterfly Moon  An eclectic blend of electronic, acoustic, vocal, instrumental, original and cover music tied together by ambient soundscapes and the haunting sound of the EBow on electric guitar. 


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  1. 1. Riding The Esker

  2. 2. Butterfly Moon

  3. 3. Nowhere Man

  4. 4. Big Bang

  5. 5. Betrayal

  6. 6. April In Sedona

  7. 7. Dim

  8. 8. Fog Birds

  9. 9. Broken

  10. 10. Still Fighting It

  11. 11. Starlight Shadows

  12. 12. By This River

Butterfly Moon... Craig P. Smith... Vocals, E-Bow, Guitars, Synthesizers, Frippertronics, Harmonica, Accordion, Bass, Bongos, Drum Programming...

With... Jeff Fasula... Bass Guitar (1, 4)

Mark Loy... Guitars, (3, 7, 10) Bass (3, 7)

Produced & Recorded at Singletrack Studio, in The Ledges & Concrete Banana in Rockton, Illinois.

Cover Design & Photography by Craig P. Smith.

©2007 Craig P. Smith

Riding The Esker (2:45)  Download song > AIFF    MP3

My love of mountain biking the glacial remnants in northern Wisconsin was the inspiration for this song.

Butterfly Moon (5:44)  Download song >   AIFF    MP3

After hearing Lucinda William’s hauntingly beautiful “Essence’ album for the first time, I wanted to start writing songs again. This was one of the first.

Nowhere Man (3:20)  Download song >   AIFF    MP3

When I heard Paul Westerberg’s version of this Beatle’s song on the “I Am Sam” soundtrack, I thought I’d give it a shot. The lyrics, and E-Bow guitar, helped capture my mood perfectly.

Big Bang (3:47)   Download song >  AIFF    MP3

One of the songs from the original “Internal Groove Tool” sessions with Jeff.  I love the E-Bow guitars. We used a Casio Rapman for the “click track” and it fit well enough to keep it in the final mix.

Betrayal (5:46)   Download song >  AIFF    MP3

Promises last forever, ‘til something better comes along.

April In Sedona (4:00)   Download song >   AIFF    MP3

As soon as the tapes started rolling, my little cat April stopped by to say “hello”. The acoustic guitars over the Frippertronics in the end, had a little southwest flavor ...  April in Sedona seemed like the perfect title.

Dim (6:22)   Download song >  AIFF    MP3

Not only one of Dada’s best songs, it’s one of my favorite songs of all time. Mark’s tuning and slower tempo create the mood I was after. I like the sound of my $20 accordion. I wanted a cleaner sustaining guitar sound, so I used my Fernandes Monterey Sustainer. Thanks to Mark Loy, the guitars Rock!

Fog Birds (4:57)   Download song >  AIFF     MP3

This was actually music I had done for a television commercial. I lengthened it, added some E-Bow, bongos, percussion and more synthesizer.

Broken (6:11)   Download song >  AIFF    MP3

This was the first of my “dark, depressing songs that start with a B” trilogy. Recorded with the help of the Zoom PS-02 palmtop studio.

Still Fighting It (6:41)   Download song > AIFF    MP3

I thought it might be cool to do this beautiful Ben Folds song without using any keyboards. But, my new MiniMoog Voyager sounded so good, (in its only appearance on the album) in the bridge, I had to keep it in.

Starlight Shadows (5:23)  Download song >  AIFF    MP3

Inspired by a night in northern Wisconsin, so dark, I could see my shadow lit by only starlight. Frippertronics and E-Bow. (Due to a strange computer glitch, the MP3 version of this song downloads as Straight Shadows.)

By This River (3:51)   Download song >  AIFF    MP3

I debated long and hard, on whether I should include this on the album.

This was my first attempt at using Opcode’s Vision, a (MIDI) Digital Sequencing Software application used on my Mac Classic.

In order to learn how to use the software, I tried to replicate this song, that's why it sounds more like the original version, than my own.

In the end, I love the song.

Eno's version is on his 1977 album, "Before And After Science".

Made on a Mac


Cover... Version 2 with different font. County Hwy D, Namakagon, WI.

Liner Notes... A road south of Winslow, AZ.

Back Cover... Krate riding in Rockton, IL.

CD label... Banana Seat Version 2, without song listing.

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Copyright  ©  Craig P. Smith - 2010 - All Rights Reserved.