The Mighty Flesh-Hammers - Eight years in the making, Craig & Joe team up with a host of talented musicians to create a unique sound, with a Zappa-ish sense of humor. 


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1boneswivel bop

2. froglegs

  1. 3. leave a message...

  2. 4. might o’ lied

  3. 5. i need a man with a gun (911 mix)

  4. 6. hillbilly garage sale

  5. 7. flame proof flannel pajamas

  6. 8. wisconsin passport

  7. 9. leave a message... part two

  8. 10. my god

  9. 11. hound dog (ode to elbo)

  10. 12. dance your right to dance

  recorded at: buckingham palace, rockfish, il & singletrack, the ledges, il.

                                           produced & mixed by:

                                                   craig p smith

                                      cover design & photo by:

                    (no chicken was choked in the making of this cd)

                                                   craig p smith

                                           slugbug records  © 2001.

                the mighty fleshhammers be:

                                      joe fasula - most of the lyrics.

                              ideas and spoken word.

                                                  craig smith - vocals,

                        keyboard & drum programming,

      harmonica, accordian, guitar, ensoniq esq-1 synthesizer,

        kazoo, bass guitar, african thumb piano & percussion.

                         ideas and lyrics here and there.


         jeff “flex” fasula - bass & mandolin -> #1, #3, #6, #10

          russ wallace - fretless & fretfull bass -> #2, #5, #12

           jim wisch - guitars -> #1, #2, #4, #6, #10, #11, #12

                          jan anderson - guitars -> #5

                            rob bradley - guitars -> #3

                  bob zopp - keys, drum programming -> #12

                          todd cratty - 1st guitar -> #4

          tricia cratty-(smith) - hillbilly girl, snacks & drinks -> #6

                      paula harkness - keyboards -> #12

Boneswivel Bop (5:22)  Download Song > AIFF  MP3

I believe Mark Fasula (a.k.a. Foil Coldcut) was the first human to use the word boneswivel.

music: craig / lyrics: joe

Froglegs (4:55)   Download Song > AIFF  MP3

When I first heard about priapism - a prolonged, painful erection - from eating froglegs, I sent Joe the article for lyrical inspiration. I wrote the words for the confounded bridge.

music: craig / lyrics: joe & craig

Leave A Message... (5:11) Download Song > AIFF  MP3

This started as the greeting on my answering machine. After writing another verse, Joe took over. The messages in the chorus are from Joe’s machine. You can’t make up shit this weird.

music: craig / lyrics: craig & joe

Might O’ Lied (5:44)  Download Song > AIFF  MP3

I just love those cheesy Proteus horns! I wrote the “Frankie Vallie” line in the 2nd verse, Joe wrote the rest. Joe rules!

music: craig / lyrics: joe & craig

I Need A Man With A Gun (911 mix) (3:43)

Download Song > AIFF  MP3

This is the one that started the whole project. Marcia P. brought this 911 tape to me at work. I knew I had to put it to music.

(Warning: This Song Drops The “F-Bomb” More Than Once.)

music: craig

Hillbilly Garage Sale (5:20)  Download Song > AIFF  MP3

I wasted a Saturday morning trying to find an aquarium. All I got was a Magic 8-Ball and a good idea for a song. i did the first two verses, sent Joe the idea, and he completed it brilliantly.

(Warning: This Song Contains One “Naughty” Word)

music: flex & craig / lyrics: craig & joe

Flame Proof Flannel Pajamas (5:06)

Download Song > AIFF  MP3

The project was taking forever, Man, if I could only play the guitar. So at 41 (287 dog years) this old dog decided to learn a new trick. I bought a new Fender Telecaster and Champion 110 amp on 11/2/99. With the aid of Vision software and my trusty old 1990 Macintosh Classic (operating at a blazing 7.83 MHz) I programmed the drums, piano and bass, and recorded the guitar 6 1/2 months after buying it. I wonder if Joe’s lyrics are from personal experience?

music: craig / lyrics joe

Wisconsin Passport (5:21)  Download Song > AIFF  MP3

Joe sent me his Wisconsin Passport, a tourist information booklet that looks just like a passport. The hilarious passport photo and abundant trivia inspired me to write a song about this wonderful state. This is the first song I ever wrote on guitar. That first guitar in the strange intro was recorded using a Marshall MS-2, a 9 volt, $40 amp.

music: craig / lyrics: craig

Leave A Message... Part Two (3:56)

Download Song > AIFF  MP3

This message left by my (then) mother-in-law inspired this sequel.

The E-Bow is introduced in this song, creating those cool sustaining guitar parts. I played everything on this one.

music: craig / lyrics: craig

My God (4:34)  Download Song > AIFF  MP3

Jeff gave me this awesome cassette he taped from the radio waves. I think it clearly shows how divisive Monotheistic religions can be.

Joe’s lyrics compliment the preachers “my god is better than your god” attitude perfectly.

music: craig / lyrics: joe

Hound Dog (Ode To Elbo) (5:06)

Download Song > AIFF  MP3

In a garbage bag of old Beta tapes, I found this odd movie called “The Party Animal”. This scene by a campfire was the inspiration. I set it to music and sent it to Joe. The Casio Rapman provides the “Drums”. Sampling done on a Yamaha VSS-30. The rest is ESQ-1 synth.

(Warning: Some People May Find “Offensive” Language In This Song)

music: craig / lyrics: joe

Dance Your Right To Dance (7:16)

Download Song > AIFF  MP3

I think I told Bob to write some sort of “House” music for a song about the history of dancing. He quickly programmed this challenging piece  on the ESQ-1 onboard sequencer.

music: bob zopp & craig / lyrics: joe