The Rhyme - American Pop  1982-1985  18  Super catchy Midwest Power Pop singles.

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  1. 1. Reaching Back

  2. 2. Encounter The Light

  3. 3. Anything You Want

  4. 4. The Night I Make Her Mine

  5. 5. On Monday

  6. 6. I Need You

  7. 7. Any Day Now

  8. 8. I’m Over Here

  9. 9. Library

  10. 10. The One

  11. 11. Know Me Better

  12. 12. Hold On To Me

  13. 13. Hung On You

  14. 14. Watch Her Dance

  15. 15. How Much I Care

  16. 16. I Can’t Explain It

  17. 17. Good-Time Girl

  18. 18. Strange Strange Town

Reaching Back  (4:20)   Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

There comes a time in every young man’s life when he must embrace the responsibilities that come with manhood. And that can be a scary time. I wrote this song in the middle of that phase of my life. There were days that were so challenging that would I often find myself daydreaming about the carefree days of my

adolescence. But I knew there was something wrong in reaching back like that.

“and now I’ve changed/and now I’ve stepped/into something new/I’ve turned pages/so many times/I know the truth/but in the night/when we loose our sight/and we can’t be sure/I’ll be reminded/of little things/I used to do/and I’m reaching back

/how I want to hold it/and I’m reaching back/I really want to hold it/I’m reaching back/how I want to hold it/wish that I could hold the past/but there’s something wrong/there’s something wrong” - Brad Anderson.

Encounter The Light (5:09)   Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

I wrote this song after reading a book called Encounter With Light by Sheldon Vanauken, an account of his own spiritual journey during his finishing years at

Oxford. I really related to his fierce atheism that was gradually overwhelmed by the kindness and love of his Christian English professor, C.S. Lewis. The faith journey often begins with doubt. - Brad Anderson.

Anything You Want (4:26)   Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

As I recall, Anything You Want is the song where Tom and I realized that we needed

to craft melodies that took advantage of Craig’s great vocal range. If you were to hear the demos of these songs you would cringe at the notes I was trying to reach,

because I was consciously trying to work in the range that came so effortlessly to Craig. - Brad Anderson.

This song should have been on the Reverb Years album, but I liked that album better with 10 songs.  - Craig Smith.

The Night I Make Her Mine (3:18)   Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

A few months after this was recorded I was visiting with Marty Ross and he picks up a guitar and plays this unbelievable rendition of it. That was the first time I felt like a true songwriter. I mean if Marty Ross liked it enough to learn it, it had to be ok.

Marty Ross had played in a band with Tom and I a few years previous to The Rhyme, and he had taught us pretty much everything we knew about pop music. So when Marty moved on to join the Wigs, and later star in The New Monkees, out in LA, Tom and I were basically trying to impress Marty. All the music in the American Pop sessions is as much a tribute to Marty as anyone. - Brad Anderson.

On Monday (3:29)   Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

This one was written in one live take. That’s really the essence of pop music. The idea for the lyrics came right on the spot. The first words out of my mouth were I’ll see

you on a Monday, and from there I was singing about when I would go to downtown Rockford as a kid with my paper route money to burn.

“I’ll see you on a Monday/we’ll go downtown/I like to sing on the streets ya baby/

hear the big big sound/and anything you want I’ll buy it/as long as it’s under a

dollar/anything at all/anything at all/anything at all”

Tom added the last lyric and we argued about it because I had envisioned the song to be all about pre-pubescent innocence, but Tom had changed the identity of the

singer to a guy who wants to go back to some girl’s place and sleep with her. A few years later The New Monkees wanted to record this song for a nationally syndicated

TV show. But I would only agree to it if they changed that last verse – which they refused to do. Oh well, that was the only song we ever had a disagreement about. - Brad Anderson.

I Need You (3:19)   Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

The riff for this song evolved as I played a variation of The Byrds Feel A Whole Lot Better over the drum groove that Tom had come up with. Tom wrote the melody and lyrics. -Brad Anderson.

Any Day Now (3:54)   Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

With our wedding money Kim insisted that we buy a Martin guitar for me to write

with. Did I marry well or what? I wrote this song on that guitar after I got it home.

The E and B string were tuned down to a D and A to give it that jangly Byrds sound that I was so enamored with at this time. Tom added the bridge and wrote the lyrics

to the verse. All I could come up with lyrically was: any day now/any day now/any day now. Tom had the amazing ability of taking a simple idea like that and finishing it. -Brad Anderson.

I’m Over Here (4:09)   Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

Tom and I were experimenting with a riff that was built around open E and B string chords. We did a lot of that in our jam sessions because we were playing without a bass player on most occasions and the open E and B helped to fill the sound out.

Craig really takes command of this one. - Brad Anderson.

Library (4:10)   Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

This was the second song that I wrote with my new Martin guitar. I had just heard an interview with Jim Webb, the guy who wrote a bunch of hits in the 70’s like Galveston. Webb said that the mark of a good song is perfect rhyme. If you listen to the lyrics I was able to do that on this one, and it is not easy to pull that off let me tell you.

I know I am bragging but I still think this song could be a huge hit by someone.

The Rhyme would really get them out on the dance floor with this song. - Brad Anderson.

The One (2:54)   Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

Dave and Craig wrote this song together. I don’t know the whole story but I recall

that this was a favorite of Rhyme fans. What a great dance song. - Brad Anderson.

Know Me Better (3:17)   Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

I think Tom wrote this one entirely on his own.  - Brad Anderson.

A local radio station (WYFE) had a “Battle of the Bands” contest, this song was a

winner and was included on a compilation LP with other Rockford area bands.

I’ve always felt this could be a great Country crossover hit. - Craig Smith.

Hold On To Me (2:46)   Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

The demo for this song was made live with Tork on bass. This was the first jam session where we actually had a good bass player join us. This kind of inspired us to go Motown. I can imagine this song being done by the Four Tops or the Temptations. I can also imagine getting sued by James Brown for the royalties. - Brad Anderson.

Hung On You (3:15)   Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

This is another song that evolved in a jam session. Tom wrote the lyrics. We were thinking Cheap Trick when we wrote this one. - Brad Anderson.

Watch Her Dance (4:10)   Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

This song was written in another live jam with Tork on bass. Those were always very productive sessions. Tom wrote the lyrics. This one was a perfect song for Tom to showcase his amazing soloing skills. - Brad Anderson.

How Much I Care (4:24)   Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

Tom and I moved to a different studio for this song, just to change the atmosphere, and I think it comes through. I copped the whole mood from the open window view outside. You can almost feel the sunlight streaming in on this one. Craig adds the finishing touch very nicely. - Brad Anderson.

I Can’t Explain It (2:19)   Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

When I brought this song to Tom he said “you stole that from The Who.” Tom and I were both huge Who fans. My favorite line in this one is “If the sun lost faith it would surely die/the moon and the stars would fall right from the sky”. - Brad Anderson.

Good-Time Girl (3:55)   Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

Another jam session produced this one. The guitar line borrowed some riffs from

Paul Weller. Tom wrote the lyrics. I love Craig’s hic-ups on this one. - Brad Anderson.

Strange Strange Town (3:25)   Download Song >  AIFF   MP3

This was the classic teenage angst song that lashes out at everyone and everything. I think part of that is a natural response to how overwhelming that time of life is for a young person. But as you make your way in the world you begin to look at the

strange town as your home town. Strange as it may have been, it shaped who you are and you cherish the memories and the places. Whenever I go back to Rockford I feel

a comfort there that I feel nowhere else. But I haven’t been back since Tom died,

and I suppose now, some of those places might make me cry. - Brad Anderson.

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